Paramount is the North American sales & marketing group for
premier materials manufacturers in China and the USA.  

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  • FR-4 Laminates
  • CEM-3 Laminates
  • CEM-1 Laminates
  • Aluminum-Based Laminates
  • Phenolic Laminates
  • Uyemura Chemistries
  • Polyimide Films (Kapton® alternative)
  • Flex Copper Clad
  • EVA Films (Elvax® alternative)
  • Polypropylene Films (Formex® alternative)
  • Polyester Films (Mylar® alternative)        
  • Acrylic
  • Entry & Backup
  • Sentrex Production Materials
  • Circuit Boards
            Single Sided, Double Sided, Multilayer, Flex
            Metals, Thermoplastics
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